New York Chinese School

Mission Statement

New York Chinese School is registered with Westchester
County of New York State. The objective of the school is to provide Chinese language educational programs to the community, and to promote Chinese culture and traditions.

Our focus is to provide students with high quality instructors, optimal student-teacher ratio and motivational learning environment. Every student is our best student.




纽约中文学校是在纽约州威郡注册的教学机构。 学校的主旨是为社区民众提供中文教学的课程, 并发扬中华文化及传统。


我们的办学重点是提供优秀的教师, 合理的教师学生比例, 以及鼓励为主的教学环境。 每一个学生都是我们的最好学生。